Naked Juice and IZZE Sales Materials


Crossgrain was hired by Naked Juice / IZZE recently to help create new sales presentations and training materials. The goal was to train, inspire and better equip the Pepsi Co sales staff in their efforts to sell more Naked Juice and IZZE Natural Soda. In addition to providing all of the creative services we also wrote new content for the customer sales presentation (Powerpoint), training videos and individual brand books.

The sales materials were delivered to each rep in a stylish cooler bag used to keep the product cold during customer tastings. Included in the bag were: Individual brand books, USB key drives for each brand which contained the training video and various other documents including the customer.

Deliverables: Graphic Design, content development, strategy, art direction of outside vendors including video production company.

May 2011 - Posted in Print 3D Marketing