Cinema Treasures


Cinema Treasures is your guide to over 30,000 movie theaters from around the world. We worked to create a new identity that was fun and approachable. In addition to logo design we worked with the site developers to direct the look of the new site. If you're someone who likes going to the movies check out

June 2011 - Posted in Identity Web

Naked Juice and IZZE Sales Materials


Crossgrain was hired by Naked Juice / IZZE recently to help create new sales presentations and training materials. The goal was to train, inspire and better equip the Pepsi Co sales staff in their efforts to sell more Naked Juice and IZZE Natural Soda. In addition to providing all of the creative services we also wrote new content for the customer sales presentation (Powerpoint), training videos and individual brand books.

The sales materials were delivered to each rep in a stylish cooler bag used to keep the product cold during customer tastings. Included in the bag were: Individual brand books, USB key drives for each brand which contained the training video and various other documents including the customer.

Deliverables: Graphic Design, content development, strategy, art direction of outside vendors including video production company.

May 2011 - Posted in Print 3D Marketing

Taco Asylum Website

Tacoasylum2_secondary Tacoasylum3_secondary Tacoasylum4_secondary

Specializing in non-traditional gourmet tacos, taco asylum pulls from a wide array of global cuisines, showcasing interesting ingredients. Crossgrain was asked to create a website that reflects the uniqueness of taco asylum. We continue to work with taco asylum on a monthly basis to grow the business.

Deliverables: Monthly Marketing Strategy, Branding, Web, Twitter Background

February 2011 - Posted in Web

Precision Branding

Pwj2_secondary Pwj3_secondary Pwj4_secondary

Precision is Southern California's largest provider of waterjet and laser cutting services. Crossgrain was tasked with creating a new look for Precision and also finding their unique position in the marketplace. In addition to creating a new logo mark we helped with new positioning, tagline development and campaigns to relaunch the brand. Crossgrain continues to work with Precision on a monthly basis to grow their market share.

Deliverables: Monthly Marketing Strategy, New Logo, Branding, Collateral. Campaigns.

February 2011 - Posted in Identity

Haven Gastropub Website


Haven Gastropub is located within walking distance from Our offices in Old Towne Orange. Crossgrain had the privilege of leading a collaboration with Matt Palmer and Kervin Lemmi. Much like enjoying a great pint with friends we enjoyed the process of working together to create Haven'e web presence. Visit

Deliverables: Monthly Marketing Strategy, New Website

February 2011 - Posted in Web